When Your Customer’s Credit Matters

Whether your business is looking for more revenue options, decline salvage, or amping up personal wellness offerings for customers and employees, Credit Ready has modern solutions that easily integrate with your enterprise-level offerings.

A New Dawn of

Social Credit

A complete forum with personalized answers from Tim Ai in private or public conversations, including Tim’s Take on comments from community members.

Pre-Qualified Offers

Help eliminate the guesswork of credit and loan offers. Get unbiased, customer-centric lists of offers sequenced based on users’ credit profiles.

AI Credit Analysis

Offer comprehensive credit analyses with action plans to help users meet their goals like improving credit or getting loans.

Credit Insights+

Offer an enhanced user experience with three-bureau credit reporting and notifications, AI Credit Analyses, and Pre-qualified Offers.

Marketplace Offers

We offer the widest range of personal credit cards, business credit cards, and personal term loans for every credit profile.

Max Credit ™

Enable users to get the amount of purchasing power they need. Max Credit™ sequences credit cards and term loans to get maximum funding limits.

Slingshot Loans

When users are declined for a mortgage, it’s often because of a high credit utilization or debt-to-income ratio (DTI). A Slingshot Loan can consolidate debt, lower DTI, and keep mortgages compliant.


How to Work

There are several ways we can support you, from Affiliate Links to integrating with our robust RESTful API.

Affiliate Links


Get rewarded for sending customers and employees to creditready.com using your dedicated tracking links.

Co-branded Affiliate

Co-branded Affiliate Links

Make it your own with co-branded links and custom configurations.

Embedded HTML

Embedded HTML modules

Insert one-line code snippets into your websites to feature Credit Ready solutions with your brand.


Control the user experience and use Credit Ready features on your websites or applications.


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