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Your credit situation is always changing.
Tim Ai makes sure you’re protected against bad offers, high interest rates, and missed opportunities that could cost you thousands of dollars at a time.

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🥱 The Old Way

How everyone else does it.

  • No personalized guidance
  • Does not protect your finances
  • Puts profit over your best interest
  • Wastes time comparing offers
  • Does not answer your questions
  • Charges you for basic insights
  • Has outdated technology
  • Blasts you with random offers

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This is how we do it.

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Limited Plan - Get acquainted with Tim

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Basic credit insights
Partial credit analysis
Basic personalization
Single credit report
Identity theft protection
Dark web monitoring

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Full Power
Expert guidance and protection
Comprehensive analysis and roadmap
Highly detailed personalization
All 3 credit reports
Identity theft protection
Dark web monitoring
Empower financial literacy

Credit Ready makes its financial solutions freely available to schools, universities, and communities to promote financial education.

We also contribute to other financial literacy programs as a collective effort to help people make sound financial decisions and achieve their goals.